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What is said on the S P E E D page will not and is not intended to please everyone.

Mostly written in the years 2002-5 it reflects the dismay which many people feel as a result of changes in road safety policy that could be seen as being part of a wider theme of directly attacking personal travel instead of trying to make that travel safer.

The new policy effectively sidelines many years of experience with methods of improving road safety and instead puts its primary and over-reaching focus on the one aspect of motoring which is very easy to use against people who drive with (despite official platitudes to the contrary) matters financial the apparent new holy grail.

Whilst there is a recognition that in the wrong place excessively high vehicle speeds can and do affect the severity of accidents the policy of encouraging wholesale and blanket speed limit reductions on main roads that for many years were considered to have safe and appropriate speed limits can only be understood when the principle of revenue generation is also understood (narrow residential roads are a different issue).

And what about issues with people travelling so slowly that they also cause danger - and ultimately death - on the roads?

Many people have a dislike of the sheer volume of traffic but the solutions for this include making public transports such that they are seen to be viable alternatives. That said, there are some people who do want to benefit from the wonderful inventions which allow small groups of people to travel distances (often on a 'door to door' basis) at speeds faster than walking.

It is also very much to be regretted that there is no realistic policy to even recognise that people are suffering ill health (and worse) as a result of motor vehicle waste gases / exhaust fumes... and that despite there being proven viable solutions that could help mitigate this... AND use technologies which are already in the public domain... use of these are not even being encouraged.

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